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Why to choose Mobisium's Writer Platform?

We match the need of our clients with your expertise!

It doesn't matter which field you belong to, the platform is open to everyone to express their views.

  • We help writers to learn more and grow in their respective fields.
  • We monitor and provide continuous work to ensure the satisfaction of our writers.
  • We value your ingenuity and commitment and pay according to your expectation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our writers are precious for us. If you still have some doubts check the following may help you.

  • Why should I maintain writers portfolio?

    Writers portfolio is your own profile where you can upload all your samples and info. Highly maintained portfolio can attract more projects.

  • Follow the steps for apply for projects:

    1. Signup as writer with Mobisium writers platform.

    2. Submit your samples and basic information in your dashboard and maintain your portfolio.

    3. Apply for projects in which you are interested and wait for admin's approval.

  • There is no job agreement between writers and Mobisium.You always work on freelance basis as per your time availability and suitability for the project.

  • Frequnecy of work is depends on your published content on Mobisium and skills you have in content writing. Mobisium also guide you to enhance your writing skills.

  • You will be paid on the basis of order package, pay for each project varies.The payment per task varies from 30p to 3Rs per word on average length and this is mentioned at the start of the project.

  • You will receive your payments in your bank account. Writers need to share their bank details with Mobisium and the amount will directly credited to bank account for the completed project.

  • Mobisium projects are blogs and article which are going to publish at Website.

  • Click on Mobisium projects to access the Mobisium project dashboard.

    Mobisium projects are blogs and article which are going to publish at Mobisium Content Website.

    1. Pick topic: You can pick any topic from the list.

    2. Suggest topic: Or you can suggest your own topic and write on that topic.

    3. Write:

    Take a deep breath and note down the points that you have on your mind. Write a meaningful article of 600+ words. Tell us a bit more about your findings using Graphs or Data Charts. Use appropriate Images wherever necessary.

    4. Submit

    Your article will be published if it abibes following parameters:

    1. Uniqueness

    2. Correctness

    3. Creativity

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