Best Budget Action Camera Under 10000 Rupees

What is Action Camera?

Action cameras are unlike any other kind of camera, they are supposed to be rugged and lightweight. It can capture nice dramatic POV (‘Point Of View’) footage making them popular with adventure sports participants. They’re designed to be attached to helmets, surfboards, cars and other objects They are small, tough and simple to operate with a lens that captures the world in high-definition.

Action Cameras are not necessarily only for adrenaline-junkie or filming action TV shows. Action cameras are great fun for the family vacations too, especially in a special location which you would like to capture without the effort of having to get your mobile or another camera out because the action camera is doing that for you just simply need to hit record and document your time together.

Best Action Camera!

You might have heard of GoPro’s they make are one of the best action camera manufacturers out there. GoPro is without a question the market leader. In fact, they are the one that invented this whole action camera genre. Which makes them definitely not cheap. Unfortunately, there’s no Go Pro camera under 10k. Go Pro starts at initial pricing of 20k. which a bit much if you’re looking for Budget Action Camera

budget action camera

Hence, We here have curated a list of Best Budget Action Camera’s In India these are the best alternatives available for GoPro.

List of Budget Action Camera Under 10000 Rupees

Best Budget Action Camera Under 10000 Rupees Price Buy Online
PROCUS Rush 6999 INR Buy
YI Lite 8490 INR Buy
SJCam SJ5000X 8990 INR Buy
EKEN H9 WiFi 8399 INR Buy
Noise Play Vlog Edition Sports 5999 INR Buy

1. PROCUS Rush

budget action camera procus

PROCUS Rush 4K Full Pack Sports Budget action camera. This 16 MP 14K Ultra HD camera comes with an Underwater Waterproof Case, Can record 4k at 30fps and 1080p at 60fps comes with a number of Built-in Features, and 23 accessories to make it your ideal travel and adventure partner.


  • 2-inch touch display
  •  16 megapixels CMOS image sensor
  • 1050 milliamp_hours
  • 9 shooting modes
  • 4K/30fps, 1080P/60fps
  • Built-in Wi-Fi

Price: ₹6,999

2. YI Lite

budget action camera yi lite

YI Lite is a Budget action camera version of Yi’s. It features 16 megapixels Sony IMX206 image sensor and able shoot up to 4K videos at 20fps. It claims to have 130 minutes of battery life at 1080p/60fps. It has dual-band Wi-Fi, so you can pair your phone and transfer photos using the app. there is an app available to control the camera from up to 100 meters of distance.


  • 2-Inch touch display
  • SONY IMX206, 1/2.3″, 16 megapixels CMOS with Exmor R ability
  • Low-power digital signal processing (DSP) technology,
  • High-definition (HD) H264/ MJPEG video engine
  • Ambarella A7LS high-performance processor
  • 4K/20fps, 1080P/60fps
  • Bluetooth and Built-in Wi-Fi

Price: ₹8,490

3. SJCam SJ5000X Elite Wi-Fi Action Camera

budget action camera sjcam

SJ5000X Elite action camera is a very fast budget action camera which captures a high-quality image. It has massive storage space. You can control this action camera remotely so that you can view and share your contents timely. it has a smart design, slim look making it easy to carry. SjCam Budget action camera is waterproof p to 98feet. The best feature of this action camera is a high-definition digital motion video recording.


  • 2.0 inches screen
  • 12MP photos and 4k, 2k, 1080p resolution video
  • Built-in Wifi
  • lightweight(74g)and
  • Waterproof: underwater up to 98feet (30m)
  • Clear HDMI, USB, AV video output

Price: ₹8,990


budget action camera eken

Eken h9 is a new budget action camera at a very competitive price can record 4k at 25 fps,1080p at 60fps and 720p at120fps. The best part about the camera is the fact that it records in wide angle exactly as the GoPro having the identical Sony IMX078 12.0MP Sensor cost’s only 9k making it the best deal in Budget Action Camera category. Also comes with wifi support and a number of Built-in Features, Include’s 11 addition mounts to make it your ideal travel companion.


  • HD portTV-Out.
  • Ambarella A12S75 Real 4K
  • 30 meter waterproof
  • Sony IMX078 12.0MP Sensor
  • 4K Ultra-HD Definition.12.0 Megapixels.
  • Rechargeable 1050mAh Lithium Battery.
  • Dual color screen: 2 inch TFT LCD+0.95inch OLED status screen

Price: ₹8,339

5. Noise Play Vlog 16MP

budget action camera noise play vlog

This cutting-edge sports and a budget action camera features 4K Resolution with the rate of 30 FPS for high-quality images, a 2.5 mm Mic Jack to record audio, and a built-in 3-axis Gyroscope to give your blur-free photos and videos. Nothing special about the camera but at this price point, there isn’t much to complain about. It’s a good budget action camera if your usage isn’t demanding and want to try out action cameras.

Price: ₹5,999

Summing up this is our list for the best budget action cameras under 10000 rupees available in India.

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