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What makes Friday a pleasant day? The feeling of the upcoming weekend with discounts on your favorite restaurants and movies? Or is it the News of the Apples next disruptive phone, the iPhone XS MAX (As per Reports)? Well, we have a few pictures for you to fall in love at first sight with?

I probably don’t know, how deep the phone is going to drill a hole in your pockets, but trust me guys it’s going to be worth it! The love for big, sleek and high-quality display has been taking over the mobile phone market, whether it be, One plus, Samsung or Huawei, all the leading mobile manufacturers have taken their fair share in the display category by offering screen size anywhere between 5.99″ to 6.1″ display. Better late than never, the designers at Apple have realized the need of a massive display on their fabulous little device, and here we have it, The Apple iPhone XS MAX, equipped with a HUGE 6.5-inch screen, My holy lord! Can you imagine the experience and the stupid ads that are going to promote this feature?

History & Future of Apple’s Launch Events:

In the last years Apple’s Iconic September event, Apple had blessed the world with three crazy smartphones, the 4.7-inch iPhone 8, the 5.5-inch iPhone 8 and the best so far, which became the whole world’s ” I will buy that phone one day” the 5.8-inch iPhone X.

This year we are expecting a feature loaded 5.8inch iPhone XS, a 6.1 inch iPhone 9 and a mystery 6.5-inch handset too. According to reliable sources, the mystery phone will be called the iPhone XS MAX- rather than the previously rumored XS plus name. But like William Shakespeare said, “What’s in the name, tell me the features? Well both the OLED models the iPhone X and iPhone Xs Max, both are stocked with an A12 processor plus an increase in RAM to 4GM as per reports.

Apple iPhone XS MAXX

What about the prices mate? If you ask me as per the reports the Apple iPhone Xs which will support the apple pencil on its 5.8-inch display will be priced at 800$ to 900$ whereas the iPhone Xs MAx will be priced at a whopping 1000$. The iPhone 9 with a 6.1-inch display will be priced at 800$ – 900$, which is also the most affordable variant on the list. The Dollar to Rupees rate as of now is 71, this for all those people trying to calculate the price in rupees. Nevertheless, whether it is for 700$ or 1000$ loaded with the extravagant features for an unrealistic experience, I have always loved the Apple phones, irrespective of the fact whether I can afford them or not.

Moving ahead here are a few products you should expect to be launched by Apple in the press event on September 12th at the Apple Campus, So futuristic these guys are.

Apple has always launched products, looking ahead to the future, and what else would help us to know how close we are to the future than an Apple Watch? As per the reports, you read it right, Apple is all set to launch its Apple Watch series 4 on September 12th, to know more subscribe to the newsletter and follow us on our social media handles find this links below.

mysterious This MacBook may not have the “AIR” branding but this could be a sort of entry-level Macbook for you to later upgrade to a much expensive MacBook Air, Well played Apple, but now as you know the trick, you know what to do! Right!

How many of you have lost one of their Airpods or how many of you didn’t buy them, few people are confident enough that they will lose them both or tragically only one! Well, you can expect a new version of the Apple Airpods at the event. This time the upgrade would include the Airpods being water resistance and an additional feature of using Siri “The lady you date, when no one is watching” by tapping on the earpiece and saying those magic words, No! Not Abra ka Dabra!

Nevertheless, this year the Apple special launch event is going to unveil some really cool gadget that will definitely change the way you connect, communicate, entertain or win chicken dinners. All wrapped up in one event we would like to know which Apple Gadget are you excited for? Is it the Apple iPhone? Airpods? Macbook or watch. You can comment them down below, once done stay tuned for more update on Apple, Blackberry, Nokia, Microsoft and all things about tech only through Mobisium social handles, we are on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and wait for the curtains to fall on 12th September 2018. Also, they will be serving refreshing drinks and snacks at the event but if you are watching the event at your home you have to arrange them yourselves.


The Apple Special event will take place at the Steve Jobs Theatre on 12th September, 10 am PDT, remember you can only watch the apple event through Safari Browser or Microsoft Edge, Yeah we know what you are thinking “ Microsoft edge Really? We will also keep this post updated if any news pops up as we get closer to the date of the event. Stay tuned!

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