Xiaomi Mi A2 About to Launch in India – First Look and Specifications

Xiaomi Mi A2 was recently launched in Spain this week. I am 100%  sure this device is going to make a huge impact when it will be launched in the Smartphone Market in India. The Google’s Pixel 2, Samsung S9 & few other phones which are high-end devices have Android One OS on them. The user experience of these phones is completely next level & the Mi A2 also has Android One on it. This made me curious to gather as much information as I could about the  Xiaomi Mi A2, following is the information I have about this phone.

Xiaomi Mi A2 Design & Display:

The Mi A2 has thin bezels which make the phone look modern. The rear side looks similar to the Redmi Y2 with fingerprint scanner & dual camera lens which is placed vertically. This makes the Xiaomi Mi A2 look similar to the iPhone X. The Antenna bands on the top & bottom have been designed beautifully. The display on Xiaomi Mi A2 has 5.99″ of HD display but it’s not as bright as you’d expect it to be.

Xiaomi seems to have put in extra efforts to keep the phone slim. The phone has little above 7mm with smooth curves. This makes the users feel comfortable to get their hands on the Mi A2. I don’t have precise knowledge but I think the Xiaomi Mi A2 will be available in Gold, Blue & Black color. Lastly, the metal body will not fail to make a place for itself in your heart.

Xiaomi Mi A2 Camera:

The Mi A2 camera has huge advancements & it looks very promising. We get 12MP & 20MP camera’s on the rear side & 20MP selfie camera. Both the cameras are AI-powered using which they deliver pictures of great quality. We’d explore more about the camera’s on the  Mi A2 when its available in India & we get one for us.

Mi has worked hard to make the camera capable of taking good pictures in low light using good quality sensors. Using the Beautify software, the  Mi A2 enhances picture quality & makes them look real. There’s a lot more to talk about the Xiaomi Mi A2 camera but readers will have to wait for a while.

Xiaomi Mi A2 Specifications:

The knowledge about RAM & internal memory on the Mi A2 till the date is that it will have 2 variants. One would be 4GB RAM with 64GB internal Storage & the other is 6GB RAM with 128GB of storage capacity.


The phone is available for $330 which I think is the right price for the improvements made to the new Mi A2. I will have a better conclusion with strong justification about this phone after I get my hands on this phone. For now, whatever you have read & seen will surely grow your interest in the Xiaomi’s Mi A2 which will be available in the Indian Smartphone market on August 8.

Miheer Patil
Web Content Developer at Mobisium

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