Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Price, Features, Camera & Battery.

People who are achievers, who are into Business or those who demand more & more from their Smartphones, are actually looking for a phone which is smart in the true sense. Samsung has caught hold of this concern & the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Specification is indeed super powerful to cater extensive needs of people. In simple words, I’d say that the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 features will be successful in bridging the gap between Smartphones & Personal Computer.

Does this phone have a brilliant design & vibrant display?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has largest Infinity display ever which is of 6.4″. Such a huge screen size would be difficult to use initially but you can get used to it as it gets old. The phone features a virtually bezel-less display which makes the phone look more Premium. The screen surface is way too smooth to use the new S-pen upon it. It has glass finish on the front & back side which looks very rich when we hold it. It looks smooth but does not slip out of hands.

As we have the glass finish for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, the phone gets smudges but I think the cover will take care of it. The edges & corners look very sharp & they too add to the beauty of the phone. The phone has Antenna lines which are designed pretty neatly. It has the Bixby assistant key on the left along with volume buttons & the Lock button on the right side.

The headphone jack is at the bottom on the left of the USB C-type charging port which is at the centre. On the right side at the bottom, we have the speakers & the microphone.

You can enjoy watching movies or any other tasks on your phone indoors as well as under bright sunlight with ease. The front & the back have been redesigned beautifully &  you can avail the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in the calm Ocean Blue colour or the mesmerising Lavender Purple colour. Apart from these, it might be available in Midnight Black, Brown & Metallic Copper.

What else do we want when it comes to Performance & Battery?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is powered with Snapdragon 845 SOC but Samsung would release the same device with Exynos 9810 SOC in the Indian Smartphone Market. The phone has a massive inbuilt storage capacity of 128 GB along with 6 GB of RAM. Such architecture makes this phone capable of delivering high-speed quality Performance every single time. There is one more variant available which has 8 GB of RAM & 512 GB of Internal Storage. The internal storage on this phone can be extended to 1 TB which is an exclusive feature of this phone.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has Dolby Atmos Stereo Speakers which enhances the gaming experience on this phone & takes it to whole another level. The phone has a cooling system in-built which takes care of the device when it heats up while doing extensive tasks like gaming. This ensures a smooth gameplay with minimum lag & maximum performance.

We also have LED notification light on the front side. The phone is water & dust resistant along with Biometric Authentication. All in all the phone is very promising in terms of Performance. The Samsung Note 9 battery is as huge as 4000 mAh which Samsung claims will easily last for a day. With quick charging ability, the phone charges within no time. The phone has wireless charging facility & you have to buy that accessory separately.

Do we really have a promising Camera on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9?

Yes, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has Dual-lens camera of 12-megapixel each coupled with Dual Aperture which takes amazing videos & photos. The front camera on this phone is of 8-megapixels which works fine too. The camera needs to be responsive in nature so that users can make the best use of it. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 camera has been enabled to do the same. The camera has loads of improved features like Flaw detection tool which autocorrects blurred images & eye blink in the captured images. It notifies users to clean lens time to time if it has smudges on it. It also supports AR Emoji, Super Slo-Mo Mode, Portrait Mode & various other functions which make the camera most efficient than ever before.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 camera is placed horizontally in the same way as it was in the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. One thing to appreciate here is that there is no camera bump on the backside. The Camera is exceptional and it takes really good photos in Day Light as well as in the night. This camera can record 4k videos at 60fps, and super slow-motion video at 960fps in High Definition. Usual slow-motion videos can also be recorded at 240fps, in full High Definition. The video stabilization works great on this phone & all the photos, videos take on the Samsung Note seems to be error free.


More & more about the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 S-pen!

The most intelligent tool which takes the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 way ahead in the race is the new S-Pen. The new S-pen supports Bluetooth & it can be used to take snaps, switch between rear & front camera, can be used as a remote to operate presentation, pause Youtube videos & many other custom tasks. The new S-pen is simply impressive & it would surely impress all of its users.


What is Samsung Dex?

This feature of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 enables you to transform your Smartphone into a PC like experience which makes you enjoy your workload. It proves to be helpful in many ways as you have a full desktop at your disposal.

Talking about the Final Verdict…

Coming to the conclusion, we can expect the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 price to be somewhere around 70k in India. But I personally think any price tag would be appropriate for this phone for the exclusive features it offers. If you are using the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 & do not need to use the Samsung Dex feature, you should not upgrade to the Samsung Note 9.

This phone is surely worth the buy but if you have some financial restrictions, you can go for Samsung Galaxy Note 8. But if you are willing to spend more, you can buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

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