Do You Need to Upgrade to OnePlus 6 from OnePlus 5?

The OnePlus has been capturing huge chunk in the smartphone market & has maintained the consistency of releasing new devices twice in a year. If you backtrack one year from now, you’d notice that not much has changed on the latest device when we compare it to the OnePlus 5. Talking about OnePlus 6, it comes with an all-glass body, notch at the top, smaller bezels, larger & brighter display & fingerprint scanner mounted on the rear makes this phone look modern.

If you are using OnePlus 5 now & looking forward to upgrading it, is buying OnePlus 6 a right choice? Let’s answer this question by comparing both the devices right away.

Which factors keep them on the same page :

The first thing which users notice is the UI. As you walk down through the generations of the OnePlus phones, you’d notice there are hardly any changes in the UI & Software Specification. Even after 12 months, the core of OnePlus 5 & OnePlus 6 looks pretty much the same. Talking about the battery, both the devices have 3300 mAh battery on them and the Dash charging facility is applicable to both of them. The 6GB & 8GB RAM are the 2 variants common to both of them.

The OnePlus 5 & OnePlus 6 both use the Oxygen OS so this justifies that OnePlus, taking all its users into consideration, has done minimum alterations in the OS on all of its devices. This doesn’t make the OnePlus 5 users feel like they are using some old or outdated version of the OS. Both of them have dual camera’s but we will talk more about this segment in the other section mentioned below.

Factors in which OnePlus 6 takes a leap ahead of OnePlus 5 :

One of the main features which people look out for in a phone is how good it looks. The OnePlus 6 has made a style statement for itself with its all-glass body & vibrant colour variants. It looks far more modern and rich than the OnePlus 5 which has an aluminum body. The AMOLED screen is common to both of them but the form factor seems to have been improved on the OnePlus 6 which is 19:9. Also, the screen size is 6.28 inches and new notch takes this phone much ahead in the race with OnePlus 5. Although weight does not matter much, in this case, OnePlus 6 weighs a little more than the OnePlus5.

The OnePlus 6 camera comes with OIS and has been improved a lot compared to the one we have on OnePlus 5. You can see the Camera Samples of both the phones.

You can clearly see the picture quality & how the camera works better on the OnePlus 6 and decent enough on the OnePlus 5.

Should you Upgrade to OnePlus 6 if you have the OnePlus predecessor?

Now we know that the range of phones by OnePlus seems to be identical when it comes to Software Specifications. This makes it hard for us to judge them based on their differences. Apart from the design and form factor, one more way in which they differ is the Benchmark Ratings. The OnePlus 6 ranks second and far ahead of the OnePlus 5 in the Benchmark Ratings owing to its processor, the Snapdragon 845. The OnePlus 5 has Snapdragon 835 on it which works fine with 8GB & 6GB RAM but OnePlus 6 manages to leave it behind.

So if you need a phone with a modern look & faster processor along with trending features like Face Unlock which you get on the OnePlus 6, you should upgrade to this phone. One good thing is you’ll still manage to get at least 60% of the original value as the resale amount of your OnePlus 5 which will obviously help you to buy the OnePlus 6 & stay ahead in the race of Smartphones.

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