OnePlus 6 Gaming & Performance Test

As we know, OnePlus 6, which is the flagship phone launched by OnePlus a few months back is capturing the market and has turned out to be amongst most popular phones in 2018. The Phone features all glass body, notch at the top, Dual cameras, faster Snapdragon 845 processor, Full HD AMOLED display, healthy 8 GB RAM, Adreno 630 GPU & other new features. We must note that 8 Gigabytes of RAM on the phone is the maximum till the date compared to any other phone.

The phone comes with 2 variants i.e. 6GB & 8GB of RAM & the GPU which makes this phone most appropriate for gaming. Trust me on this guys, if you are into gaming, this is the phone you have been waiting for all your life. So, let’s dive into the details of what this phone has to offer for all the gamers out there.

Gaming Mode on OnePlus 6

This feature is a dream come true for the gamers because once we have turned on the gaming mode, we can block the notifications, divert calls onto the speaker & disable automatic changes in the brightness during your gaming session. You can add apps you want to use in the Gaming Mode in the settings.

This mode also has a network boost setting in the Gaming Mode. This feature is usually helpful while playing Online Multiplayer Games. These games require strong network connectivity to perform smoothly. Network Boost setting, when enabled, routes all the data packets from network to serve only the online gaming sessions and prohibits all other apps from using it. This ensures better internet connectivity while gaming with minimum lag and perfect frame rate.

Battery Saver Mode on OnePlus 6

The Battery saver mode for gaming comes along with two sub settings i.e. Low and & High. The low cuts short on Resolution whereas the High cut shorts on Resolution as well as Frame Rate.

For testing both these options I decided to play PubG Game in the High mode initially. The gameplay did not feel rich as it did before and the grey scale intensity increased. Certainly, the frame rate fell below normal & since this is a first-person perspective game, it made aiming at the enemies tougher than what we experience outside the gaming mode. Talking about the battery percentage, 5% of the battery drained out every 15 minutes in the high mode.

Switching over to the low mode, I won’t say it was impressive because the resolution was somewhat between the High Mode and the normal mode. But it was possible to aim better in the low mode as frame rates were unaffected in this mode. Followed by that, we noticed that the Low mode too consumed 5% of the battery every 15 minutes just like the high mode.

Now, it was time to play the same game with gaming mode turned off. Guess what guys, the battery drained out 5% for every 15 minutes in a similar way we witnessed in the Battery Saver mode. I’d say you should enjoy this game by opting out of the power saving mode so that you enjoy your gaming sessions along with high definition graphics and normal frame rate as you don’t save any battery at all for this game in Battery Saver mode.

One more significant factor that is taken into consideration is heating up of the phone while gaming. The OnePlus 6, while living up to the user expectations, in terms of performance, graphics and overall gameplay, gets moderately warm and does not heat up much.

All in all, apart from your preference for a phone with a notch, navigation gestures and the battery saver mode which needs improvement, this phone remains to be a good choice for the purpose of gaming which is available at reasonable cost.

Miheer Patil
Web Content Developer at Mobisium

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