Moto E5 Plus 2018: First Impression

The new Moto e5 Plus is the new leader in the range of smartphones priced around Rs.12,000 when it comes to battery backup it has. The cameras have improved & both the lenses now feature flashlight. In the Moto e5 Plus first impression, it looks like the smaller brother of the Moto G6.

This phone suits perfectly for daily use & the following is the First Impression of the Moto e5 Plus:

The Moto e5 Plus has a 6 inch IPS LCD Display and it looks good but lacks sharpness. The phone has a 3D Polymer glass which gives the phone a rich & unique look. The Moto e5 Plus has an arched back which gives the users a good grip on the phone & the build quality is such that the back doesn’t crack easily.

This phone features Moto Display which makes accessing & replying to the notification easier than before. Moreover, the screen to body ratio is 76% which is also disappointing. The only good thing in design is the fingerprint scanner embedded in the Moto symbol on the rear side of the phone which looks very neat.

  • Battery

The Moto e5 Plus has a huge 5000 mAh battery which will last for more than 2 days for average users. The battery on the Moto e5 Plus lasts longer because the processor doesn’t consume much battery. You also get a 10W rapid charging adapter in the box which charges phone quicker than before.

  • Processor

The Moto e5 has Snapdragon 430 which is an old processor. So it doesn’t compete with Snapdragon 636 at all & such old processor doesn’t support the high-quality display. This phone has stock an 8.0 which is pretty close to the Android. Other phones in this price range have slightly better options on them in terms of Processor & Display.

  • Camera

The Moto e5 Plus has a camera on the rear which I personally call ‘The Pirate Camera’. The camera has a laser autofocus sensor to automatically correct the blurred images & make them look better. Moto e5 Plus camera has become smarter as it can scan QR Code now. This phone also has a selfie camera with selfie flash which takes decent pictures. Soon we’ll be uploading the camera samples with detailed Camera Review.

The Moto e5 doesn’t have high-end Software & Hardware specification which doesn’t make this phone popular or usable for the gamers. You can play all the games at the lowest possible configuration which is not at all pleasing.

All in all the Moto e5 Plus is an appropriate choice & most promising phone around this price range but only average users can make the best use of this phone. If you don’t have a preference for a specific brand, you can go for other brands which have better Software & Hardware specifications than the Moto e5 Plus.

Miheer Patil
Web Content Developer at Mobisium

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