2018: Innovations in Design of Smartphone

We are halfway through the year 2018 & we have witnessed that the Notch Design on the display & the face unlock Mechanism were the few things which belong to this year. Faster Processors, Multiple Camera’s, All glass body, Minimum bezel, wireless charging have all been introduced before the world. Users are always waiting for the new features from the manufacturers but after achieving such excellence in the field of mobile technology, I’d love to draw your attention to ‘What can we expect in the phone’s coming up in near future or what’s gonna be new in the design of smartphone?’

1. Zero Bezels

All the Smartphone manufacturers in the market today are trying hard to reduce bezel size to minimum or zero to stay ahead in the competition. It is possible using the flexible display’s but this seems to me like an important factor which everybody will try to match up.

2. Week-long Battery

Users of Phone and uses of Phone are two things, which over the time has been escalating at a rapid pace, this means the manufacturers have to take care of the ratio of usage time and purpose and accordingly design the battery. When it comes to Smartphones, the better the battery, more will be its usage because humans tend to use more if they are getting more. So let’s expect a something like a week-long Battery on upcoming phones.

3. Flexible Displays

Foldable Screen is an idea brought before us by the Samsung by incorporating this technology long back into their Mobile devices but they did not release any product in the market yet. We’ve all been waiting for this since a long time but Microsoft seems to be developing something using the foldable screen technology & this process is called Project Andromeda. I’ll be presenting a Blog soon about this project.

4. Indestructible Glass

Be it The iPhone X, The OnePlus 6 & few others, all of them have all glass body which on one hand gives them a classy look & makes them very fragile on the other. So, to overcome this, smartphone’s might be designed using tough glass or rich looking plastic as their build materials to make it indestructible & look better.

5. Smarter Virtual Assistants

Siri, Alexa, Bixby & Cortana, the much known Virtual Assistants might become smarter than they are today. They might sound more like human beings & less like a robot who works on algorithms & a set of procedures. The Virtual Assistants along with Artificial Intelligence is going to make our life much easier as it would perform all of our daily chores with minimum human interference & maximum efficiency.

6. Display embedded Finger Print Scanner

Ming-Chi Kuo, who looks after the Touch ID mechanism on Apple devices has already made it clear that Apple will no longer have the Touch ID authentication on its devices. This makes it clear to us that other than Apple, rest of the manufacturers might come up with Finger Print Scanner Embedded into the display. This is one of the most predictable features which would exist in upcoming phones.

7. Embedded SIM Modules

Many of us use more than one contact number or change numbers frequently, for which we have to manage multiple sim cards. Usually, phones come with Single or Dual sim slots, but let’s imagine, what if sim cards did not exist at all? Well, it looks difficult but it is possible & you will witness this in near future. Smartphone manufacturers are working on technology where they will have Universal Sim Modules embedded within the phone’s architecture. The only thing users have to do is register using some login credentials to their preferred network & enjoy the services on the go. This concept, if implemented will also facilitate in making the phone almost 100% water resistant as there will not be any tray’s for inserting Sim Cards.

8. Wireless Charging

Last but not the least, the way we charge might completely change and all the phones would support wireless charging. This will also help the manufacturers to get rid of the charging port and come up with some different design on the top & bottom of the phone.

This brings us to the concluding part of the topic but all I have to say is, let’s just sit back and wait for the time to tell, what new smartphones will look like at the end of this year. Are you eagerly waiting for the same, as I am?

Miheer Patil
Web Content Developer at Mobisium

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