Moto e5 Plus Camera Sample List – Genuine Camera Review

Moto e5 Plus Camera Sample is the sole evidence of how good the camera quality is of this phone. This sample has a list of photos taken from this device. The Moto e5 Plus has a rear camera of 12 MP & a front camera of 5 MP with selfie flash.

The pictures lack true colours & the images have a white colour tinge to them when exposed to light. The intensity of whiteness level increases with the amount of light falling on the object increases. So genuinely speaking the camera is good but fails to be great.

List of Moto e5 Plus Camera Sample:

So you can notice in the above pictures, the subject remains the same but the pictures have a vast difference in terms of intensity of light & colour tones. You better posses good photography skills to adapt to the Moto e5 Plus camera or else you’ll be highly disappointed by the snaps you take using this phone.

Miheer Patil
Web Content Developer at Mobisium