Wed Mojo: You No Longer Have to Hire a Wedding Planner with this App

Want a nifty way to organize your wedding?

Wed Mojo gives you all the tools you need to streamline everything for your loved ones and guests so you’ll be able to focus on making this special day as memorable as possible. As you sign up in the app, you’ll be asked whether you’re the Groom, Bride, Guest, or Vendor. This is necessary as it will determine the features that you will be able to access. It has tons of features that, unsurprisingly, are about various aspects of a wedding.

Obviously, if you’re the Groom or Bride, you’ll gain the most access to the app’s features. You will be asked to enter your name and your partner’s as well as the exact date of your wedding.

Do you need a quick way to design and customize your wedding invitations?

This feature is available in the app, and you’ll only need to choose from hundreds of available templates to start.

You only need to tap on the Text icon to start writing the actual text of the invitation as well as other pertinent details. Afterward, you can preview it and give it some finishing touches.

This e-invitation can then be sent to all the guests you want to invite with a few taps. Video-creation is another aspect that the app has, and it allows you to do this on-the-go. It has basic video-editing capabilities that let you add love frames and music to your recordings. You may even set the exact duration of your creation.

Another very convenient feature is the ability to create groups and conduct chats within them. This makes sure that everyone involved in your wedding will be able to immediately share their feedback and well-wishes or any comment they might have in real-time. It’s also a great way to relay instructions to everyone involved in your event.

This is complemented by location sharing to pinpoint the exact location of your venue. The app also allows a space for vendors. Whether you have a photographer or videographer of the wedding, you’ll certainly be able to access their services personally. This also makes it easy for you to communicate with them.

Lastly, everything shared will be available in a real-time feed that can be viewed by everyone. Indeed, Wed Mojo knows what it’s like to plan a wedding, so much so that it could very well have been developed by an actual wedding planner.

It is this quality that serves to define it. It is well aware of what issues most weddings encounter, and it addresses each one systematically and comprehensively while making everything as simple as possible for the people planning the wedding.

Download the Wed Mojo app: Play Store

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