How to Quickly Transfer Cash using Google pay

Google pay, which is also known as Google Wallet uses NFC (Near field Communication) to transfer information and funds from the Card to the retailer or other people. Google pay uses Debit/credit cards magnetic strip or Pin for a transaction at a point of sale terminal. It basically operates on the contactless payment method, where the app itself makes the payment without the use of debit/credit card. However, Google pay wallet takes advantage of Fingerprint ID or face ID for authentication every time for making the payment. When a user makes payment, the app generates and transmits a virtual account number which represents users account information rather than sending its debit or credit card details.

Google Pay

How to Download and Install

Google Pay is available on IOS and Android. All you need to do is to head over to your Google Play Store or apple’s Itunes store and type Google Pay in the search bar, you will see below Google Play with Editor’s Choice written on it and has above 4.4 ratings in the store. Once you download the app choose the language you prefer, then choose your primary number which is associated with the bank, then choose your google email id and continue to enter the OTP you will receive and then choose your screen lock as securing the app or create a 4 digit pin.

Linking your Bank Account Details

Google pay bank account

Select the bank in which your account is and it will automatically send a verification message to the bank which is chargeable and you have successfully linked your bank account. You can add multiple bank accounts. Once you have linked your bank, the next step is to set the UPI pin if you have already set it earlier then skip this step or else provide your debit card details for setting the UPI id for the first time.

Note: This UPI pin is important because you will be using this UPI in every other transaction on different UPI enabled platform.

How to Send and Receive Money Via Google Pay

There are two ways you can send money to the user

1. Through Connectivity

Google pay Connectivity

You just need to swipe up to pay and down to receive payment in Google pay and the same goes for the other user. Now, enter the amount and proceed to pay through your linked bank account using the UPI in the Google Pay.

2. Through Contacts

By Bank 

Pay by Bank - Google pay

Select on new, and then select the mode of paying the money in Google Pay which is UPI, phone number, bank details, and provide the necessary details like recipient name, bank account number, IFSC code and then select the bank you wish to send the money and then enter the UPI pin and your transaction is successfully completed.


Enter the UPI id of the user who you wish to send, it will like (xyz@sbi) and then do the same procedure of the above.

3. Receiving Money

Send and receive money on google pay

Tap on the user from which you want to ask money and select receive option and it will send a notification to that user and they will continue the same process as above.

4. Features

  1. Whenever you do a successful transaction of 150 you will earn a scratch card worth rupees 0 to 1000.
  2. Whenever you do a successful transaction of 500 you will earn a scratch card every Friday.
  3. There is a wide range of offers on different platforms like Zomato, Uber etc.
  4. You can choose from many different languages you are comfortable with.
  5. You can check your bank’s balance.

The most unique feature of this app is that your money will be directly credited to your primary bank account. This is the most secure way of sending money since it uses UPI, no bank details are shared to anyone or the third party app. The Google Pay’s interface is made simple so that everyone can understand and the preferred language adds a cherry to the cake. Google Pay has the safest mode of transferring money. We can even transfer money through scanning the QR code given to every user making it convenient. Overall, Google Pay has made online payments a whole lot easier.

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