5 Amazing Apps To Learn a New Language

Austrian Philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein quoted that still rings true today. Language learning helps you to establish critical thinking skills and problem-solving when you are deciphering a language’s vocabulary, grammar, sentence Structure, meaning, sounds and orthography.

According to the research from Pennsylvania State University, Juggling can help you to build better minds as one can easily switch between different Structures. So, It is always better to learn about some new language which can help you to build critical thinking skills and problem-solving.

It is understood Mobile applications can be the great solution for mastering a new tongue or brushing up the old school days skills since they are portable, convenient and relatively low cost.

1. Babbel


Babbel is a mobile application which is a subscription based application. you will find first less free. you get an option to select from the 14 languages with listen and repeat words and then you can give the test of what you have learned. you can disable the microphone and just hear the words spoken to you along with the brief quiz at the end.

After you have finished all the lessons, you can view the vocabulary lists and then you can choose from the flashcards or writing exercises to review about your learnings. And If you are serious about learning another language, you should not mind the subscription price because Babbel is among the greatest choice.

Download: Babbel for Android | iOS (Free)

2. Bussu


Bussu is another mobile application which has boasted over 80 million users worldwide. You have a choice of 12 languages with the full course, exercise reviews from native speakers and accent training. you will get a good complete experience with Busuu. You can start with the placement test so that you start at the right level.

sometimes it is terrific if you are not a complete beginner but you want to practice language skills that you learned earlier. it also provides access, grammar tips and official certificates with its premium upgrade.

Download: Busuu for Android | iOS (Free)

3. Duolingo

Duolingo is the application with a bright and intuitive interface. Duolingo lets you to naturally progress at your own pace. you need to start with simple phrases and gradually move to more complex sentences. It will provide you with help at every step of the what as Duolingo points out mistakes and praises your efforts. Duolingo features reading, writing, and pronunciation by challenging you with a fun range of the activities. It is very amazing how fast you can pick up the basics without even realizing it. you can revisit your lessons and work on your weaknesses. it offers you an upbeat experience and lets you join clubs for healthy practice, and really does make learning enjoyable.

Download: Duolingo for Android | iOS (Free)

4. Memrise


Most of the students these days use flashcards which help them through their exams and Memrise follows the same approach. it starts off slowly. if you want to learn Russian, you will be guided through the Cyrillic alphabets. But, it doesn’t mean its a bad method. there are quaint and simplistic visual aids. Memrise has a friendly interface which is encouraging and attractive. if you are really interested to expand your language skills you can take a look at Memrise Pro which offers games, chatbots, and offline mode for learning on the go.

Download: Memrise for Android | iOS (Free)

5. Clozemaster


if you are looking for the gamified language learning experience with an old school look and feel. you should check out the Clozemaster application. it offers more than 100 languages and an option of the text-to-speech feature, and a free account for saving your progress. you can start with the most common words and you earn points for selecting the correct word missing from the sentence. and when you are ready you can take on the grammar challenges. Clozemaster is the good followup for testing the latest leaning or brushed up skills on a language you learned time back.

Download: Clozemaster for Android | iOS (Free)

if you are familiar with more than one language it will help you to improve your memory. it will enhance your perception and will give you greater command over your native tongue. it can help you to expand your business and introduce it to your new friends. it is a wonderful way to better yourself. with all these applications it is very easy to try ou to learn languages like Spanish, Gaelic, French or even Mongoli.

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