MIUI 10 : The AI Powered Mobile OS

What makes a human being evolved as the most intelligent animal on the Planet Earth? It is intelligence. Intelligence is built upon the mountains of experience from our ancestors to the present generation & it is continually evolving.  Xiaomi has introduced their new MIUI 10 with a tagline ‘Refreshing your senses’. Xiaomi is putting their homegrown machine learning to test with their current phone lineups.

With the latest integration of AI into phone’s multiple functions might make Xiaomi future ready! Nowadays, Xiaomi has been manufacturing most of their devices in the aspect ratio of 18:9, so does their software team is working with the hardware & playing more with it to provide better user experience & enhancing the existing hardware capabilities. I think this is what software developers do, they enhance the capability of the existing hardware.


New Recent Apps Panel

New Recent Apps in vertical mode gives more space to work

Xiaomi a market leader in India has created an ultimate user experience by revamping their UI with MIUI 10. Xiaomi itself has declared that their latest MIUI 10 update is specifically ‘Designed for full-screen experience’. With several devices launched with taller displays, Xiaomi working hard to utilize the taller screens for Recent Apps & boosting the overall flexibility for the user to access recent apps more easily & improving the overall multi-tasking capability of users. With taller displays, Xiaomi intelligently introduced the vertical app scrolling is better utilizing the taller display & I must say, the apps look clearer in this style. You can easily switch between apps & also get the better look into where you actually left the particular app last time. The vertical card style may become a new trend in the coming months I guess.


New Gestures introduced oin MIUI 10

With new gesture feature, the user’s convenience has increased, because gestures have been a great inclusion in MIUI 10 providing reliability to the users (while multi-tasking) as well as lowering the dependencies on taskbar buttons. They are creating Industry Trends as well as fulfilling the user’s demands.

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AI Preload

With machine learning, Xiaomi is integrating AI into the core to analyze app usage pattern of the user to make apps load faster than ever. The company has claimed that it has significantly reduced the app load time & cut down to almost zero. Xiaomi has already boosted the performance of recent app launch time through MIUI 9 & now they are using next level of optimization i.e. AI. Xiaomi Team doing really great work in this sector.

Revamped Notification Panel

New Notification Panel

One thing Xiaomi user will notice quickly is the new Revamped Notification Panel. Xiaomi has greatly improved their notification center & the improvements are really great. The UI looks clean & minimalism is at the core of design. New brightness scroll looks similar to iOS but the only difference here is, it is horizontal instead of iOS’s default vertical cylindrical bar.

AI Portraits

Portrait Mode - Rear Camera

Xiaomi has been experimenting with AI for quite a while & they have introduced AI-powered selfie in the camera app. Now, AI can blur the background giving you to capture your photo in a portrait mode. It works well on single camera phones too. Xiaomi has made this feature available to all eligible users.

Portrait Mode - Back Camera


Xiaomi’s Voice Assistant for China Mainland

Xiaomi has launched their own Voice Assistant but it is typically focused on Chinese consumer base. We have been informed that Xiaomi has no plan to introduce it to the global audience. We have used Xiaomi Voice Assistant & it has a really pleasant & audible voice yet due to language restrictions we were unable to test its features.

PIP mode & Password Autofill

Xiaomi has been finally providing PIP, through which I can use my Google Maps while multi-tasking. PIP has really great productivity quotient as this enables you to perform other tasks simultaneously. With latest & in-built Autofill feature you can fill out the login credentials inside any app. There is no need to remember or copy-paste tedious passwords, you just need to give Xiaomi access to your credentials.

Improved Screen Recording

Xiaomi won many hearts by providing inbuilt screen recording tool but it was lacking one very specific feature, which was recording System Sound. With MIUI 10 you can finally able to record the System Sound without rooting your phone which wasn’t the case until MIUI 9.
Xiaomi MIUI 10 has some new feature in MIUI Lab. To try out some experimental features such as Super Resolution & Car Mode.

With the brand new App manager feature, we as a user has been offered more powers to behold the controls on the device storage usage. As well as the UI is compelling. We are also looking at the newly introduced Fonts section which currently holds no other fonts than the default one. Also, we encountered a feature called as QuickPay from Xiaomi which only supports WeChat but we are expecting more integration with major payment platforms in India.

Introducing MIUI 10 Global Version

Other features we spotted in MIUI 10 includes following New Sound & Ambient Noises of nature.

Read more about MIUI 10 on their official website. Comment below if in case we missed something!

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