How to Install Android P on OnePlus 6

After using Android Oreo, which is almost one year old, the Android P is the next in the queue. The Android P Beta has been rolled out and I am going to tell you how to upgrade to the Android P Beta on your OnePlus 6.

Before you get your hands on the Android P you must understand that it is a typical Beta version which is under trial & errors will occur every now & then. So please make up your mind to deal with buggy & unstable User Interface while you use it. Feeding in Android P Beta on OnePlus 6 is comparatively easy than the other compatible phones.

So follow these steps & you’ll have Android P on your OnePlus 6 :

  1. Go to the Android P Beta for OnePlus 6 page and select ‘Get the beta’ for OnePlus 6 in the device list.
  2. Now, you’ll need to scroll down and look for Download ‘HERE’ and click on it.

3. After downloading the file, Navigate to Settings > System Updates.

  1. On this page, you’ll see a gear in the top right corner, tap on it.

5. Then select ‘Local Upgrade’.

6. Followed by that you’ll be able to see the Installation Package. If by any chance you don’t find that package, don’t panic because all you need to do is look for that package in Downloads & move it into the root directory.

7. Upgrade will begin as soon as you tap on it.

Now we need to Restart the phone & slide into the Recovery Mode. It is mandatory to do this step or else if you restart without going into the Recovery mode, the phone will remain hanged in the start.

To access the Recovery Mode, follow the steps given below:

  1. Ensure that your phone is switched off, press Volume Down & Power Button together and hold it for 3-6 seconds. This will take you into the Recovery Mode.
  2. Now navigate to Factory Reset or Wipe Data using Volume Buttons and select it using the Power Button.

  3. Once you’ve confirmed it, it will erase all the data from your phone.

  4. Now using the volume buttons you can select the Reboot now option.

There you go! Within a few minutes, the phone will restart & you’ll be able to see the Android P welcome screen.

Since you’ve arrived on to the Android P Beta, let me tell you again it is not going to be as smooth as the other Android versions. It simply has a motive to see how users feel when they interact with the new OS & report bugs so that they can be fixed before the official release.

Now since you’ve seen how easy it is to get onto this Beta version & enlighten the Developer inside you, it’s equally easy to switch back to the Android Oreo. You can find about the rollback procedure on the OnePlus’s Official site. So let’s explore the Android P on OnePlus together and see what it has to offer to make the user experience better.

Miheer Patil
Web Content Developer at Mobisium

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