OnePlus 6T Latest Update Confirmed: All new features uncovered

The OnePlus 6T design is completely different when compared with its predecessor, the OnePlus 6. The new OnePlus 6T release is around mid-October & will be soon available in retail outlets in a week or two after release. The OnePlus 6T has been following the tradition of T upgrades & we have some huge improvements on the OnePlus 6T just like the way we had it, in case of OnePlus 5 & OnePlus 5T.

What are the new features we get to see on OnePlus 6T?

  • It will sport a bigger screen size than what we had on its OnePlus 5.
  • All new tear-drop design OnePlus 6T notch is smaller in size when compared to the OnePlus 6 notch.
  • Fingerprint scanner embedded into the screen & unlocking mechanism made most efficient than ever before.
  • Talking about OnePlus 6T camera, I heard it would have Triple-sensor camera configuration? No! We still have only two camera lens on this phone and we verified it after examining all the OnePlus 6T design leaks.
  • No headphone jack? Yes! On the new OnePlus 6T headphone jack has been removed as OnePlus believes a huge chunk of the population now makes use of Bluetooth earphones over the wired ones.

As OnePlus has removed the earphone jack, it might include the OnePlus wireless earphones inside the OnePlus 6T box but I am not sure about this.

I have confirmed these features which will exist on the OnePlus 6T when a commercial went on air during the Asia Cup match- India vs Pakistan. The living legend of Bollywood, Amitabh Bachchan made following statements in the commercial,

 “The new OnePlus 6T is coming.”

“A cooler way to unlock your phone.”

  • So from here, we were 100% sure that the upcoming OnePlus phone will be called ‘6T’. There were two more quotes which we could see in that commercial,

 “Touch for innovation”

“Ready for speed”


  • This clearly seems to signify faster fingerprint unlock mechanism which is embedded into the screen.

It was rumored that OnePlus would make alterations to its camera but it does not look like they have done much in this section. When it comes to performance, the OnePlus 6T software & hardware components seem to be competing well with other smartphones in the similar price range.

To conclude OnePlus 6T will be one of the smartphones to come with an in-display fingerprint reader apart from Vivo’s V11 which has some serious issues with this mechanism not working properly on it. OnePlus has initiated the marketing campaign by flashing the ‘Notify Me’ on for Indian consumers. Let’s wait & see if the OnePlus 6T rumours turn out to be true & we’ll come up with its OnePlus 6T full review asap!

Miheer Patil
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