Do Feelings Affect Psychology?

All of us are aware of two kinds of psychological feelings. One of them is the feeling of pleasure, while the other is the feeling of pain. But how many of us entertain the perception of pain without any grudge? Indeed, most of us are against experiencing any pain, because every kind of pain plays havoc with our comforts and disturbs our peaceful existence. pain and pleasure psychological feeling

Pain worries our mind as it causes an uneasy experience in our heart. Painful experiences create in us the feeling of anguish which redoubles the sense of anxiety as to when we will be able to overcome such painful conditions. Right then, we are haunted by a keen desire to thwart every form of an unpleasant situation and unhappy development.

Sorting painful situation

Sorting painful situation

It is a known phenomenon that we will be able to distinguish the nature of pleasure only by experiencing the onslaught of pain upon our body or mind. We take particular interest to free ourselves from every kind of painful development and to ward off approaching events if and when we have the slightest inkling that what is going to come into our lives is likely to be a painful situation. Since we are against tasting the bitterness of pain, we will make every effort to prevent any happening that has something to do with the suffering of any nature.

Why are we not accepting anything which is God’s creations?

Welcome to acceptance Enjoy the journey


It is because we are not prepared to accept all the gifts of nature as they come. also conveniently forget the fact that if pleasure is part of life, pain is also equally a part of life and we should experience this one along with other, to be exact. We refuse to accept the fact that God has destined a way of life and tough to go on with the acceptance and lead a life. We always willing to help others in their pain or sufferings but when it comes to us, it’s so much difficult to make your mind understand where do we stand.

Acceptance of Pleasure

Acceptance of Selfcare

Pleasure is what all of us, without exception cherish. We seek pleasant atmospheres and welcome with folded hands whenever they come our way unexpected. We tend to await possible pleasurable situation even when our body and mind feel tired. No human being will ever come forward with an offer to decline a joyous situation that is in the offing(forthcoming or upcoming). Instead, he will make strenuous endeavours to speed up such a process to render life a source of joy or happiness. All these factors make it thoroughly clear that we will not sacrifice any of our interests in the sphere of enjoying the pleasures of life to the brim.

Sharing both pain and pleasure

Wholehearted acceptance of pain releases the springs of happiness

Nature wants us to share equally both the pain and pleasure as we will earn the right to spend pleasurable moments. After proving in days and years, it helps to resolve and stamina to bear the pain, suffering in a sustained manner. To this extent, the psychological feelings will register serious disappointments.

Final Impact

We should identify our thoughts, feelings, and actions in keeping with such possibilities to testify to their impact in the normal functioning and about the reactions of the human mind to the abnormal states that have been brought about through our follies(lend interest to view).

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