6 Best Coding Websites for Juniors

When we talk about coding or computer languages, it may seem a little alien to us who don’t know what coding is. To define coding, it is basically ‘computer language’ or the only language which the computer understands. Coding is the way by which we can communicate with the computer.

The code commands the computer by writing some sets of instructions. These instructions in turn tell the computer what actions to take. These codes are used to run websites, apps, etc with which we interact every day. Some of the major coding languages include JavaScript, Python, C++, PHP, etc. Now, these programming languages act as a set of rules which define how to write code.

These rules bring machine language closer to human language. Without coding, we wouldn’t have technologies which have made our lives easier like our smartphones or social media platform.  

Coding is often regarded as an activity that is based on logic. Teaching kids coding should not be a boring activity. This should be taught to kids in such a way that they involve themselves in creating high-interest projects. To make teaching interesting, coding is taught to kids in a gamified manner. That is to simplify, coding is taught to kids through games. As coding is taught to children with the help of games, children can start learning as early as age 5.

They can start learning with the help of visual block interfaces or appropriate text-based coding classes. Learning this programming skill at an early age is very much appreciated. During college admissions this skill could mean a lot and also having this skill can make the child desirable for universities. Below are certain platforms that may help your kid to start coding.


The most unique feature in this platform is it has detailed courses starting from elementary school to high school. One can choose his desired course by going through the course details and start learning. They also provide a full professional course for teachers also. The courses are well detailed and covers everything from basics. Courses are also designed in such a way that it is easier for teachers to teach. This platform claims that elementary school is the best time for children to learn computer science basics as it can foster their critical thinking.

Courses are taught in more than one language like English, Spanish, and many more. In this way, kids can start learning through their comfortable language preferences. Engages students in more activities and learn at their own pace.


This platform is specifically for children ages 5 to 14 years. This site has a number of interesting coding courses like python, app development and robotic, AI, etc all for children aged 5 to 14 years. Children can look into what interests them and start learning. The unique feature of this site is that it provides a one to one interaction with the student at an affordable price. Teachers guide students in live sessions to clear their doubts and answer questions. After completing a course from this site, students receive a certificate from iCode, a USA based certifying authority in computational thinking. Also after the completion of the courses children have the opportunities to participate in online Olympiads and hackathons in Shanghai, Tel Aviv, and San Fransisco.

Coding Ninjas

Codingninjas is one of the most rated startups in 2020. It is also a great platform for beginners to learn about coding. Live one on one sessions are provided on the interest and needs of the students. They have a great faculty and students receive certificates from an expert team.

The team of experts includes Amazon, Standford, and IIT. They also provide doubt clearing sessions. A student can clear his doubt over an audio call. Regular assessment reports are given to parents to keep students appraised. Student can launch their own website to showcase their projects. Throughout the course, students build and publish several applications and games.


This platform has courses for beginners to experts. Codecademy is the best way to know what coding is and how it works. Certain courses are for beginners like language courses like Java. Also, the web development course is for beginners as well. Even they have courses for intermediate and experts also. They provide these courses at an affordable price. Students get step-by-step proper guidance and they also make real-world projects. A certificate is provided after the completion of the courses. These courses can lead one to be job-ready for the future.

Camp K12

This platform offers a free trial for students before enrolling in a course. the free trial is for 60 minutes before a student can enroll in a course. After the free trial, the student has to pay for the course and continue learning. The teaching faculty of this platform is great. The teaching team comprises people from Google, Havard, and also from IITS. Courses range from mobile app development, Artificial Intelligence, 3D coding, etc. Students also build and publish their own projects and games. Students who learn from this platform are given a certificate after the completion of their course which helps them in securing a job in the future.

WhiteHat Jr

Lastly, we have Whitehatjr. Whitehet jr is focused on teaching kids coding. They provide live classes to kids on a one to one basis. Kids may start to learn coding along with their studies. Whitehat jr provides courses starting from Beginners to Professional levels. The pricing listed is also reasonable as they provide best coding experiences for the kids. Passionate kids who learn coding early are also sent to the  Silicon Valley in USA as a part of the program. Kids make apps and games after learning coding which can be found in their website.

The above mentioned platforms are some which offers coding for beginners and also for kids. One who is looking to learn coding may find this article interesting and helpful. Learning coding at an early age helps students to get a grasp of it early. In today’s technologically developed world, its an advantage for one who knows these computer programming languages.

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