Top 7 Gaming Keyboards Under 5000 Rupees in India

Get your pulses pounding and feet thumping with these high-precision and comfortable gamepads.

Digital inclusion and widespread and speedy internet connections have made it possible for you to have an enjoyable time in the virtual world. Recently, online gaming has come at the forefront and has paved the way for gaming accessories, and chief among them is the controller. Be it dodging obstacles, or making sharp turns to race your way to the finish line, a high-precision controller is paramount.

Redgear Pro Series Gaming Controller

Available at INR 1199, the Redgear Pro Series Gaming Controller offers an excellent way for upscaling your competitive edge. Its ergonomic design, coupled with the illuminated ABXY keys, renders sought-after functionality. What makes this a cut-above-the-rest is the integrated force feedback that offers speedy and timely results. Additionally, the controller also has a turbo mode that renders a tactile advantage to avid gamers.


  • Revolutionary turbo mode offers a tactile advantage
  • Integrated force feedback renders speedy results
  • Ergonomic design helps minimise discomfort and fatigue
  • Illuminated ABXY keys provide added effect


  • 1.8m long USB cable requires proximity to sockets and slots
  • Design is compatible with Windows PC only
₹ 1,699.00


Sony Dualshock Wireless Controller

Stability and reliability are integral for enduring long gaming sessions, and this gaming controller by Sony makes for an ideal fit. Available at INR 4989, this one renders a sought-after gaming experience. What makes this one a cut-above-the-rest is the in-built accelerometer and gyroscope that render high-precision detection of motion, tilt, and rotation for robust performance. Another distinctive feature is that the buttons are programmable that offer enhanced convenience. Furthermore, its share button allows you to Livestream your gameplay or upload screenshots without affecting your in-game progress.


  • The share button enables you to Livestream your gameplay or upload screenshots
  • Built-in accelerometer and gyroscope render high-precision gaming sessions
  • Programmable buttons offer enhanced convenience


  • Should be kept away from liquids to prevent damage caused by spillage

Live Tech GP01 Controller

Now engage in action-packed and thrilling gaming sessions with the Live Tech GP01 Gaming Controller. Available at INR520, it makes for an incredibly functional addition to your gaming arsenal. The controller comprises two built-in motors for enhanced speed and performance. Moreover, it has turbo dual vibrators for an immersive and real-like experience.


  • 12 fire buttons and 2 analog sticks provide versatility
  • Two built-in motors render enhanced speed and performance
  • Turbo dual motors provide an immersive and real-like feel
  • Slip-proof handle helps prevent slippage and offers a stable grip


  • Only compatible with Windows system
  • Wired connectivity requires proximity to ports and sockets
₹ 575.00

Black Shark H66L Gamepad

Available at INR 2999, the sleek and stylish Black Shark Gamepad offers sought-after performance and efficiency while gaming. It consists of six game keys, a joystick, and a power key that makes it incredibly functional. A distinctive aspect of this gamepad is its wireless design that enables you to play your favourite games anywhere, any time.


  • Comprises six game keys, a joystick, and a power key for sought-after functionality
  • Wireless design enables you to play from anywhere, any time
  • Bluetooth technology facilitates connectivity with mobile and laptop devices
  • Package includes a user manual for added convenience


  • Provides a limited operability range of only 10 m
  • Compatible with only Android devices

Quantum qhm 7468 Controller

Available at INR 479, the Quantum qhm Controller renders infallible stability and reliability while gaming. What makes this one stand out from the rest is its two-way vibration joystick that enables you to endure high-octane and intense gaming sessions.


  • Two-way vibration joystick allows you to endure high-octane gaming
  • Symmetric positioning of buttons and triggers render optimum convenience


  • Design is compliant only with PCs
  • The wired interface requires proximity to ports and sockets
₹ 479.00

Electrobot Mobile Game Controller

Priced at INR 119, the Electrobot Gaming Controller makes for an exemplary addition to your gaming arsenal. Its universal design makes it suitable for various games such as PUBG, Knives Out, and Rules of Survival. A distinctive aspect of this control is that the aim and fire buttons are customisable and adjustable for maximum impact and performance. Moreover, its wireless interface renders on-the-go gameplay.


  • Compatible with various games such as PUBG and Knives Out
  • Customisable and adjustable aim and fire buttons render maximum performance
  • Wireless mechanism facilitates on-the-go gameplay


  • Should be kept away from liquids to prevent damage caused by spillage
  • Ideal for smartphone sizes between 4.5 and 6.5 inches

Thrustmaster Game Controller

Available at INR 2598, this game controller by Thrustmaster is designed to render an exemplary and immersive experience. What makes this one a cut-above-the-rest is its point-of-view button that facilitates camera control for sought-after performance. For optimum comfort, it comprises an ergonomic handle with an enlarged palm rest. Moreover, it comes with slip-resistant rubber pads that render stable placement.


  • Point-of-view button facilitates camera control
  • Ergonomic handle with enlarged palm rest renders optimum comfort
  • Slip-resistant rubber pads offer stability during gameplay


  • USB interface requires proximity to smart devices
  • Should be kept away from liquids to prevent damage caused by spillage

Final Comments

The booming online gaming industry has led to rising demand for gaming accessories such as controllers. Backed by impressive features and impeccable mechanics, new-age controllers render pulse-pounding gaming sessions. Although the above list of controllers is not an inclusive one, it surely makes for an ideal starting point.

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