Sound quality of Amazon Alexa Echo 2nd Generation sound quality is not that great but it performs really well. The design is really compact, the speaker is very loud, and it has awesome features. Alexa is smart and answers almost any types of question you ask her. Here is our review of sound quality, design, and performance of Amazon Echo.

Amazon Echo Design and features:

It really looks compact, it is short with just 5.8 inches. you can keep it anywhere I prefer keeping it on my desk while working.
It has got two volume control buttons over it, to increase and decrease the volume levels.
And then it has this turn off mic button. You can use it when you don’t want to talk to Alexa or you don’t want Alexa to listen to you like right now I am saying Alexa dozen times so I don’t want Alexa to listen to me so I am just gonna turn it off.
Then we have this small action button it can be used when you don’t want to say Alexa you can just press this button and give your commands but I personally never used this button if I want to give any commands I just say, Alexa.
There are 7 microphones buttons on amazon echo and these microphones give Alexa the ability to recognize your voice from the long distance.
It can even recognize my voice from another room and that is awesome.
It has an led band around the corner and it glows up blue when Alexa is listening to you and white color indicates the volume level.
This design is so compact that I feel like I have my own pokemon or a pet or something.
The best thing Amazon did is they are providing this fabric shell around it. In the previous version of echo, it had a metallic shell and it used to attract smudges and fingerprints on it which used to look really awful. So I guess this fabric shell has solved that problem really well.
Amazon is providing echo in 3 different colors: Grey, White, and Black.
It also has a power cable and AUX out cable it uses an AC adapter of 21W and 15 Volts and you can also listen to songs by connecting your earphones to it.

Amazon Echo Sound Quality:

Now coming to the sound quality, Amazon says that they have implemented Dolby Atmos technology in echo to improve the base and sound quality but unfortunately we had a completely opposite experience
The problem with the sound quality is higher the volume level goes, worse the sound quality gets. It sounds perfect at the low volume but once you increase the volume level you will notice it lacks the base and it doesn’t sound that great. so the vocal is quite good but it lacks the base.
To open the speaker all you have to do is just give a little push and just comes out of its cover. Now, this is the best thing Amazon has done because now you can even change the cover if it gets dirty.

When it comes to performance Alexa is really smart. My favourite thing is it answers the follow-up questions accurately it feels like you are having a real conversation with someone.

What can Amazon Echo Do? It can Play your favourite music, take notes, create reminders, answer your questions, give you general information, play games, order anything from Amazon, make calls and text another Alexa enabled devices.

Amazon Echo Commands, Tips and Tricks:

Here are some questions and commands I tried with Amazon Echo:

How you doin’?
Buy iPhone X
What is 1234567+7654321?
Who is Bill Gates?
Who is Thanos?
Who is thor, iron man?
Do you watch the game of thrones?
What is the cricket score?
Remind me to watch IPL at 6 PM
What is the latest song by Eminem?
Forward 20 seconds
Backward 10 seconds
Which song is this?
Can you text Vipin?
Read a book
What is the value of pi up to 100 decimal places?
What is the Integral of Sin?
How much is 1 USD in Indian Rupee?
How many years ago was 9th May 1717?
Alexa Play True or False
What is my Flash Briefing?
Find my Phone!
When is Diwali?
Can you recommend me some restaurants nearby?
Ask zomato to order some food
Who is the richest person in the world?
How much do you get paid?
Are you connected to CIA or FBI?
Ask trip advisor to visit places in Delhi
Can you recommend me some mobile phones?
Which one should I pick? Android or iPhone?
Tell me a joke
Tell me a story
Tell me a Random Fact
Tell me a Technology Fact
Compliment me 🙂
What is the daily horoscope of Aries?
Ask Thor’s hammer if I am worthy?
Flip a coin
Roll a dice
Who is your favourite actor?
Who is your favourite singer?
Tell me some GOT Facts
Book an Uber Ride

Amazon is providing shells separately and you can buy it for like 20-30 bucks. So overall I had a great experience with Amazon Echo. You can play songs, take notes, create reminders, ask her about the general information, order anything from Amazon also you can call and text another Alexa enabled devices.

Amazon Echo costs around 10,000 Rupees in India. So if you are looking for a good quality smart speaker at the affordable price this is the one to go and you know what suggest me something I should ask Alexa. We will pick the best comments and make one video on it. So just go ahead comment what you want to ask Alexa you can also tweet us with #askalexa