DreamHack Mumbai 2018

For the first time, DreamHack opens its door to an Asian continent to provide an amazing professional gaming experience for millions of aspiring gamers across India. DreamHack Mumbai 2018 bought one of the biggest gaming festivals in Mumbai, something the Nation has never seen before.

DreamHack is a major gaming festival which has organized gaming tournaments across North America and European regions.  This year DreamHack came to Mumbai organizing three-day festival featuring a 24 hour-a-day Local Area network “LAN” Party, E-sports gaming competition and Brings Your Own Computer (BYOC) Event. Gaming festival was packed with Pro-players and Casual gamer, providing them with an opportunity to participate and play in a LAN tournament as well as Collegiate matches, LAN party, Cosplay championship, Music Expos, Art and more. Furthermore, we will share our experience as well as provide you with insights about all the major events that took place.

E-sports, BYOC and LAN Party:

DreamHack Mumbai provided a platform to all the community of gamers to showcase their skills on the national level with games such as CSGO, FORTNITE, PUBG, and DOTA. DreamHack’s BYOC or also known as “Bring your own PC” was a truly eye-catcher among the rest of the events, which allowed you to play and compete with other players as well as winning some cash prices. Previously, DreamHack has held the Guinness Book of World records for the largest LAN party for many years. All the 600 seats were sold out at Bombay exhibition center. It was one of kind experience for all sorts of gamer, whether you are a professional gamer or casual one you got one big platform to display your skills.

DreamHack Competitive Stage

Apart from major league games, they had a section for hosting VR experiences. Further, they held major tournaments for most mobile popular games just cricket and PUBG mobile. Along with the VR section, DreamHack’s Retro hub bought back the childhood memories of arcade games such as Pac-man, Contra which everyone used to play back in days where there were no high graphics games. Speaking about the retro theme, some of the old school games such as carom and board games were also included in the hub, which was quite fun to play with your parents.

Cosplays, DJ’s and Much more:

Apart from gaming events and tournaments, Dream hack 2018 also held cosplay competition where the winner was awarded a price for 75000. DreamHack also featured some of the best cosplayers around the world such Sonia Grillet, Lily on the Moon, Han Jones who were the judges for Cosplay Event.

DreamHack Mumbai Cosplay Judges

The genre for Cosplay artwork was strictly based on Gaming Genre. furthermore, any event is incomplete without live music. Dream hack celebrated its gaming festival with some of best DJ’s such DJ Ishani, Spindoctor, Zenith, Sartek, Shaan and DJ Skip added more life to events.

There was a similar event happening in Mumbai named Comic Con 2018 which showcased really impressive cosplays of movie characters.

Meet and Greet with the Elites:

Meeting your favorite team or getting an autograph or selfie with your favorite gaming idol is one of the few best moments. DreamHack Mumbai bought some of major CSGO and DOTA players such as Mineski, Mushi, Team Energy (CSGO), Stryker X (CSGO), DSN (CSGO)  allowing their fans to have chats and photo sessions with the best teams and players around the country. Along with meet and greet, DreamHack’s Streamers arena allowed fans to watch them stream live.

Overall, DreamHack’s ultimate goal was to provide a platform to the avid gaming community in India, allowing them to build a healthy gaming community and strongly connect to Indian youth.

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