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Nokia 6 Performance

Octa-Core, 1.4 GHz, Cortex-A53.

Nokia 6 Display

5.5 inches (13.97), Full HD, 403 PPI IPS LCD

Nokia 6 Camera

Auto-focus, Dual LED Flash
8 MP Front Camera

Nokia 6 Battery

3000 mAh.
  • Supports Indian bands
  • Dual SIM Nano (Hybrid) + Nano (Hybrid)
  • 32 GB + 128 GB (Expandable)
  • VoLTE
  • No Face Unlock
  • Fingerprint Scanner
  • FM Radio

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Rs. 14,649.00 onwards
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Nokia 6 Advantages and Disadvantages | Is Android Oreo Update Available?

Reviewed by Vipin Yadav - Published on



Nokia 6 was the most hyped phone of this year and now that it’s out in the market and cost more than it should we thought to give it a shot. With the price of Rs. 16,000 in India Nokia 6 has some really good specifications.

Here is the list of Pros and Cons of Nokia 6:

 Advantages of Nokia 6:

  • Build quality
  • Software updates – Android Oreo update is available and Nokia has promised Android P update too
  •  NFC
  • Dolby Atmos Speaker
  • No overheating

Disadvantages of Nokia 6:

  • Camera
  • Sluggish performance – Snapdragon 430
  • Slow fingerprint sensor
  • High Price tag – Rs. 16,000
  • No LED notification light

Nokia 6 Speaker and Call Quality: Dolby Atmos Speaker does not disappoint.

Nokia 6 comes with Dolby Atmos Sound technology. It has a dual speaker setup with the earpiece acting as a secondary speaker. The secondary speaker is not as loud as the main speaker.

The max volume is not too loud while using certain apps. The audio with Dolby mode ON produces muffled output whereas with the mode OFF gives decent output. The output via the headphone jack was good.

nokia 6 dolby atmos speaker

Talking about the call quality of Nokia 6, we tested it with Jio VoLTE and the earpiece was very clear. But the mic reception is very poor. The next person you are calling will only be able to hear if you hold the phone close to your face otherwise the sound will be completely missing. There were some connectivity issues with this phone, and we faced few calls drops too.

Nokia 6 Camera Review: Does not support 4K Video Recording!

Camera Specifications: 16 MP + 8 MP

Nokia has upgraded the camera from 13 Megapixel to 16 Megapixel in Nokia 6 with 27-mm equivalent camera lens. But the front camera is still the same with 8 MP Sensor. The Rear Camera comes with the Phase detection autofocus and front camera with auto-focus. Also, at the rear we get dual tone led flash with the aperture of f/2.0, but there is front camera flash on Nokia 6. The feature which is missing in Nokia 6 (2017) is Zeiss Camera which Nokia is providing in new Nokia 6 (2018). There is a secondary mic at the top and iconic Lumia phone like branding in the middle with a gloss finish.

nokia 6 camera portrait mode

Camera UI and Features: Simple UI but Not user-friendly

The camera user interface on Nokia 6 is simple but not that much user-friendly. Most of the camera settings are hidden under the hamburger menu. The camera app is customized specifically for Nokia phones. Nokia 6 camera does support slow motion feature which can slow down the video up to 3 times and can also take time-lapse at 3 times faster. But when we select the slow-mo mode it asks us to change the resolution manually instead of doing it automatically. There is no clear identification for recorded slow-mo or time-lapse video so I can only hope if they could fix this in future updates. We did not get any manual mode to fine tune the 16MP rear camera but what we get is under capture settings we get a manual mode which can let us choose the metering mode, focus selector for infinity and macro shots, and an exposure compensation. What we get on the camera screen is to enable beauty mode or panorama mode and switching between front and rear camera. And when the battery is low, every time we open the camera app, we get an annoying pop message that we can’t use a flashlight. So this was about the camera app and features we get on Nokia 6 and now let’s talk about the camera quality.

nokia 6 camera features

Camera Quality: Average performance…

The camera quality on Nokia 6 is quite mediocre. The performance in natural lighting is quite good as it has a 16 MP rear sensor. The dynamic range is excellent for the price. Colour accuracy is not a strong point with the Nokia 6. The pictures were taken in artificial lighting and low lighting conditions are average considering its competition which is Lenovo K8 Note and Moto G5s Plus. This phone lacks any kind of stabilization, hence you’re going to take a lot of blurry images with this one. This also translates to its video performance. The highest quality available is 1080p at 30 fps. The front-facing camera is an 8 MP sensor and surprisingly, it comes with autofocus. Well, this does not make a whole lot of difference. At natural lighting, it performs well but in artificial and low lighting conditions it’s not that great. The pictures in HDR mode doesn’t have noticeable different but it does help with sharpness. The night time and low light pictures have much noise and the autofocus doesn’t work in low light conditions.

The image quality of Nokia 6 is average but it is definitely better than what we found in devices with dual camera in this price bracket. The details are good, but there’s a noticeable softness at the edge of the objects. Colors are dull and the contrast is not good compared too. Here are some camera sample taken on Nokia 6 in daylight, and I’ve to say that the macro shots are great but the colors captured are not accurate. The pictures in HDR mode doesn’t have noticeable different but it does help with sharpness. The night time and low light pictures have much noise and the autofocus doesn’t work in low light conditions.

Here are some Rear and Front Camera Samples of Nokia 6:

nokia 6 camera samples

nokia 6 camera samples

Check out More Camera Samples here

Nokia 6 camera does not have 4K video recording option. The phone shoots video in 1080p at 30fps. There are higher frame rates as I said earlier but at the expense of resolution which is 720p at 60fps and 480p at 90fps. The videos don’t have any kind of stabilization. The secondary mic is very good and sensitive at recording audio but it struggles in canceling noise. The overall video quality is good and sharper, details are decent and the colors are just the one we get in still images.

The striking difference here is the excellent dynamic range of the Nokia 6 but the picture is slightly underexposed and there is very less detailing. The color accuracy of the Nokia 6 is pretty average and looks saturated. The pictures taken from the Nokia 6 are somewhat warmer.

The color of the image on the Nokia 6 lacks accuracy whereas the one on the Moto G5s Plus is slightly noisy. The low-light image of Nokia is slightly soft thus reducing the noise and the lighting is also well balanced on the subject

This video was captured by the Nokia 6 at 1080p. As you can see, the colors look quite saturated. Even this one has no stabilization.

The Nokia 6 performed below average compared to the other phones in the camera department. Although the dynamic range was excellent on this phone, the colors lacked accuracy most of the times.

Battery Backup and Charging Time Test: 4-5 Hours and 2 Hours.

Nokia 6 comes with the battery capacity of 3000 mAh which is quite sufficient for processing power. But Nokia 6 does not support Fast or Quick Charging. Battery life of the phone is average. I got around more than 4-5 hours of screen on time which in my case was sufficient for a day.

We did the charging test of Nokia 6 and it takes more than 1 hour to charge completely. We started charging the phone when it was at 6 Percent. After 36 minutes it was charged up to 41 percent. And after 1 hour it was charged up to 70 Percent. It took more than 120 minutes to completely charge to 100 Percent. So, the charging time of the Nokia 6 is more than 2 hours.

This phone has a USB 2.0 support in the age of USB 3’s and USB C’s. Hence, expect slower data transfer rates.

nokia 6 charger type

Software and UI: Nokia has promised Android P Update

Nokia has promised Android P update for Nokia 6 and for all the gees out there, Nokia is going to unlock the bootloader so that after the official updates end, you can flash custom ROM’s so thumbs up for that. Software updates are one of Nokia’s strong points. Nokia is killing it with monthly security updates. The phone comes with stock Android Nougat 7.1.1 and since my one week of usage, I’ve got 2 android updates. So in terms of future updates, I’m totally positive. Nokia has already rolled out Oreo 8.1 Update for Nokia 6.

nokia 6 oreo update

Nokia seems to be building a great partnership with Amazon, as even in the stock android they integrated Amazon services right into the settings menu. It comes with Amazon shopping, kindle and prime video app pre-installed and if you don’t use Amazon services then it may come to you as a bad news because they cannot be uninstalled. The phone comes with some sort of Nokia-ish blue color skin. But apart from this change they device is running completely stock Android.

nokia 6 ui

Display and Build Quality: Premium Design and Full HD Screen!

Build Quality is one of the best things in Nokia 6- the use of high-grade aluminum and 2.5D glass curved on the front gives it a premium feel. The screen is a good quality, the full HD screen with 403 PPI and a brightness of about 450 nits. In fact, the screen is too bright even at the lowest brightness which is quite annoying to use at night. The sunlight readability was good. The screen resolution is bumped up to 1080p.

The edges are sharp and chamfered. This chamfered edges might not soothe everyone’s hands but the aluminum unibody is gorgeous and solid. There are some things you wish this premium aluminum body had done right, like the camera bump on the back and the placement of fingerprint sensor, which is very awkward. Nokia could have placed this sensor a little above along with capacitive buttons. The phone is quite slim but feels slightly heavy and there’s a slight curve to the phone’s back, meeting flattened sides with the edges getting a neatly chamfered finish. The edges are a little sharp to the touch, this is a big phone but it’s easy to grip because of its matte finish. The metal buttons have a positive click but the button is loosely fit inside the frame.

nokia 6 design

The screen is protected by Gorilla Glass 3 which blends in with the encased metal frame making it slightly uncomfortable to hold but the choice differs from person to person. In the age of bezel-less screens, Nokia disappointed us a bit because of its huge bezels at the top and bottom. I don’t know why they added so much unnecessary space and since they did it better be for more durability of the screen. The screen provided on this phone is full HD. The viewing angle is great and sunlight legibility is fairly good. The max brightness level is not very bright and minimum brightness is not very low.

Processor and Performance: Snapdragon 430 provides average performance!

The performance of this phone is the main issue here, the Snapdragon 430 which shouldn’t be used in the phone that cost as much as a midrange device, powers the full HD 1080p display and also handles the 4GB RAM and 64 GB onboard storage at the same time. So sometimes the phone starts to lag because of the many apps running in the background. The fingerprint sensor on the home button works 90% of the time and it takes complete 1 second to unlock the phone which you get the idea of how slow it is.

The AnTuTu benchmark of Nokia 6 is 143889. The biggest mistake by HMD global was the use of a year old Snapdragon 430 processor in Nokia 6. This is a 64-bit octa-core CPU with 8 ARM Cortex A53’s. The UI although stock, lags at times.

nokia 6 snapdragon 430

The RAM management is also not great. We played normal games like subway surfers and Mario which ran to my surprisingly quite smoothly, as it has 1080p screen with snapdragon 430 we definitely expected it to lag. Then we played games like Asphalt 8 and Nova, here we experienced few frame drops as expected. But it didn’t spoil our gaming experience. I’d recommend playing graphics-intensive games on medium settings for a smooth gaming experience.

This phone heats quickly but does not overheat. 15 minutes of playing Nova game was enough to raise the temperature to about 40 degrees. So if you’re an avid gamer, this phone is a strict no.

Nokia 6 ships with all the basic sensors that most mid-range devices forget to add. It has a compass sensor and ambient light sensor. And it also comes with NFC sensor which can be used for android pay and android beam for instant file transfer. The fingerprint scanner is quite small, but it is accurate. It takes about 1 second to unlock the phone which is slower in today’s world.

What’s in the Box?

In the box of Nokia 6, we get a sim ejector pin, some manuals, and instruction guide. And we have the wall charger on which output rating is written 5V @ 2A current, which I suppose it’s a quick charger, we have the standard micro USB cable for charging and data transfer, and surprisingly an earphone which most phones don’t get with the phone nowadays. It’s the same earphone which we used to get with Asha & Lumia series phones, which doesn’t have the call button.

nokia 6 unboxing

So, is it worth buying a Nokia 6?

As this was the first year for HMD Global, we pardon them for making bad decisions. If HMD’s ideology supports software updates and unlocking the bootloader, Nokia is moving in the right direction. But talking about this phone specifically, buy this one only if you’re a crazy Nokia fan or you just want a good looking phone. But if you’re looking for something that also performs well, have a look at Moto G5s plus, Lenovo k8 note or Mi A1.

Nokia 6 won’t impress you in terms of processing speed and since you’re paying midrange money for it you’re getting great build quality well worthy of a flagship and the Nokia 6 is also very sturdy and simple in design. The full HD screen does not have any issues in color reproduction other than its brightness. The main strength of Nokia 6 is its camera, speaker, and impressive built quality. Well, the Nokia 6 is costly in terms of specs but if you’re not interested in high-end specs and you want a reliable phone that can do its job and stand out in a crowd, then I assure you that this device does its job perfectly fine.

Nokia 6 FAQs:

Is Android P Update available for Nokia 6?

There is no such news yet, but Nokia had promised Android P update for Nokia 6.

Will Nokia 6 get Android Oreo 8.1 Update?

Yes, Nokia has rolled out Oreo Update for Nokia 6.

Does Nokia 6 support Fast Charging or Quick Charging?

Nokia 6 takes more than 2 hours, so it does not look like it supports Fast Charging.

Can Nokia 6 record 4K Videos?

No, 4K video recording is not supported in Nokia 6.

Which is better: Nokia 6, Lenovo K8 Note or Moto G5s Plus?

You can watch the comparison here.

Nokia - 6 Specification


General specifications for Nokia - 6
Specification Detail
Launch Date Aug 23, 2017 (official)
Brand Nokia
Model 6
Operating System Android v7.1.1 (Nougat)
SIM Slot(s) Dual SIM
SIM Size SIM 1 : Nano (Hybrid)
SIM 2 : Nano (Hybrid)
Network 4G: Available (supports Indian bands)


Display specifications for Nokia - 6
Specification Detail
Screen Size 5.5 inches (13.97 cm)
Screen Resolution Full HD (1080 x 1920 pixels)
Pixel Density 403 ppi
Display Type IPS LCD
Touch Screen Capacitive Touchscreen
Screen to Body Ratio 70.7 %
Screen Protection Gorilla Glass 3


Performance of Nokia - 6
Specification Detail
Chipset Qualcomm MSM8937 Snapdragon 430
Processor Octa-Core, 1.4 GHz, Cortex-A53
Graphics Adreno 505

Device Design

Device Design Nokia - 6
Specification Detail
Height 154 mm
Width 75.8 mm
Thickness 7.9 mm
Weight 169 g
Build Material Front : Aluminium
Back : Aluminium
Colors Matte Black, Tempered Blue, Silver, Copper


Storage specifications for Nokia - 6
Specification Detail
Internal Memory 32 GB
User Available Storage Up to 128 GB
USB OTG Support


MAIN CAMERA specs for Nokia - 6
Specification Detail
Resolution 16 MP Primary Camera
Sensor image sensor
Aperture 2.0 F
Optical Image Stabilisation
Flash Dual LED Flash
Shooting Modes High Dynamic Range mode (HDR)
Camera Features Touch to focus, Face detection
Video Recoding 1080p@30fps
FRONT CAMERA specs for Nokia - 6
Specification Detail
Resolution 8 MP Front Camera
Aperture 2.0 F
Video Recoding 1080p


Battery specifications for Nokia - 6
Specification Detail
Capacity 3000 mAh
Type Li-ion
User Replaceable
Wireless Charging
Quick Charging

Network & Connectivity

Network & Connectivity specifications for Nokia - 6
SIM Size SIM 1 : Nano (Hybrid), SIM 2 : Nano (Hybrid)
Network Support 4G (supports Indian bands), 3G, 2G
VoLTE Supported
4G Bands: TD-LTE 2600(band 38) / 2300(band 40)
FD-LTE 2100(band 1) / 1800(band 3) / 2600(band 7) / 900(band 8) / 700(band 28) / 850(band 5) / 800(band 20)
3G Bands: UMTS 1900 / 2100 / 850 / 900 MHz
2G Bands: GSM 1800 / 1900 / 850 / 900 MHz
Same as SIM 1
Wi-Fi Wi-Fi 802.11, b/g/n
Wi-Fi Features Mobile Hotspot
Bluetooth v4.1
Location Yes, with A-GPS
Cable Type microUSB 2.0


Multimedia specifications for Nokia - 6
Specifications Detail
FM Radio
Audio Jack 3.5 mm

Special Features

Special Features
Specification Detail
Other Facilities Smart amplifier (TFA9891) with Dolby Atmos®
Fingerprint Sensor
Other Sensors Light sensor, Proximity sensor, Accelerometer, Compass, Gyroscope
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