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women not feeling well

Dos and Dont’s – PCOS

Polycystic ovarian disease or syndrome is an endocrine system disorder and is one of the most common problems found in females today. It creates...
tips for skin dehydration

How to get rid of Skin Dehydration? | tips for dehydrated skin.

Wondering why your skin feels itchy, dry, and stretchy all the time? How have dryness and dullness replaced natural radiance? It is due to lack...
how bad is it to take expired medication

How SAFE is It To Take Expired Medicine?

"It's not right to take expired pills", This is what you might have heard from many people around you. But have you ever wondered...
habits to avoid for younger looking skin

Habits to avoid for younger-looking skin

‘Ageing’- the word itself says outdated. It is like a nightmare that no one wants to become true. The ageing process differs from person to person....

Top 8 Places to Hangout in Delhi

Exploring a nation’s capital has its excitement. Although Delhi has so much to see that one cannot cover it in one visit. To make...

Yoga poses for weight loss for Beginners

The first word that reflects in your mind while listening to the word ‘yoga’ is meditation. It gives a sense of peace and calmness...