Picking a right home to buy or rent is a tiresome task. Though the decision entirely depends on your income and budget, yet hunting for one that meets all our criteria is not an easy task. You need to spend days on it visiting the property physically, checking whether they have all amenities, location etc. But what if we can do all that from the comfort of your house without having to travel in heavy traffic to get to the property.

 Affordable Housing Near You in India Apps have made this possible which allows you to view the location, photos and videos of the home to want to rent or purchase before you physically visit the location. The below apps that are free and easy to navigate to pick a right house to rent or buy.

1. 99acres:

This free real estate app on Android allows the user to visually explore the house, flat, villa, plot and commercial space. The app enables users to view photos, videos property along with the images of society/ locality of the property. This app adds more speed and convenience to your property search. It allows you to contact the property advertiser and book a viewing directly.

 99acers App for Affordable Housing Near You in India

You can refine your search with the help of this app to a particular place or locality you prefer. The app is best known for many listing up to 10 lakh properties around the country.

Available on iOS /Android

2. Magicbricks:

One of the leading real estate app in India. Whether you are looking for a house to buy or sell, this app leaves no stone unturned and locates the best place that checks all your boxes. This app has moved from usual and bring detailed info to help you narrow down the search. The app uses GPS and smart integration to locate a property that lies within your preferred locality and budget.

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MagicBriks App for Affordable Housing Near You in India

This app allows you to save your daily commute by searching properties near your preferred landmark. Alerts can be set for property that matches your preference and contacts them with just a tap.

Available on iOS / Android

3. Nobroker:

This real estate app based in Bangalore is an app that connects owners and tenants directly without any middlemen or broker. This app is what every house hunter seeks for, finding a perfect house without a broker or brokerage. We all feel paying heavy brokerage is unfair, and app solves this issue by putting homeowners directly in touch with potential tenants.

NoBroker App for Affordable Housing Near You in India

Apart from regular features real estate app offers, Nobroker gets a rental agreement made and delivered at doorstep along with the assistance relationship manager.

Available on iOS / Android

4. CommonFloor:

Another app that has made housing search easy is commonfloor.com. This app helps you refine your search and find the exact house you’re looking for. The app allows you to post an ad for free. This app offers details of every house it list from photos, videos, locality rating and map location. You can take a live tour – a 360-degree view of your preferred property from the comfort of your house.

CommonFloor App for Affordable Housing Near You in India

With 3D visualization of the property, the commonFloor app has made decision making easy. The app includes listing projects and property from around India.

Available on iOS / Android

5. Nestaway:

Nestaway is India’s fastest growing app for searching housing in major cities. This app helps you find both family and bachelor housing. The app has many fully furnished rental listing with standardized amenities.

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Nestway App for Affordable Housing Near You in India

Nestaway takes the responsibility of making sure these are in working condition. The app allows you to book your preferred accommodation instantly.

Available on iOS / Android